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December Board Meeting

Our December board meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 18.

This meeting will be held at Cubby's Sports Bar & Grill, 307 Main Ave, beginning at 7:00pm.

We will be meeting in the conference room near the rear of the restaurant.

2018 Class "A" Baseball Rule Changes

Rule changes and tournament locations:

  1. Class "A" Baseball will continue to follow the American Legion rule as far as player eligibility.  Players must still live in the town in which they play, or go to the base high school of that town in which they play.
  2. Bats
    1. 9U-12U
      1. can continue to use 2 3/4" diameter bats (drop -9) for the 2018 season.
      2. Beginning in the 2019 season, bats must be 2 5/8" diameter (drop -10 or -9) with a .53 label on them and the USA baseball stamp.  These new bats can be used in 2018, as well, or the old standard bats can be used in 2018 (grandfathering them in) but in 2019 all bats must meet the new criteria.
    2. 13U-14U
      1. Bats must be drop -9 or -10
    3. 15U-16U
      1. All bats must be of BBCOR standard and a drop -3.  This is the same bat that Jr. Legion and Sr. Legion use.
  3. Mounds
    1. 9U-12U teams will be using mounds for ALL state tournament play.  Brookings will follow suit during regular season play.
  4. State Tournaments
    1. 9U-12U State Tournament
      1. Time limits will likely be extended to two hours, or seven innings max.
    2. Tournament Locations
      1. 16U - July 26-29 in Watertown
      2. 14's - July 25-29 in Brandon
        1. Region 1 Tourney - July 18-20 in Renner
        2. Region 2 Tourney - July 18-20 in Aberdeen
      3. 13's - July 26-29 in Sioux Falls
      4. 14U (13/14 combined) - July 27-29 at Harrisburg
      5. 9U-12U - July 20-22 at Mitchell
    3. American Legion Region and State Tournaments
      1. Jr. Legion
        1. Regional at Watertown
        2. State Tournament August 1-5 at Mitchell
      2. Sr. Legion
        1. Regional at Aberdeen
        2. State Tournament August 1-5 at Pierre

2018 American Legion Rule Changes

Effective for the 2018 American Legion season, the following changes have been made:

  • Teams will have the option to play nine-inning games at any point during the regular season; however, effective with all postseason play (regions, state, regionals, nationals), games will be seven innings in length.
  • Maximum pitch count limits have been lowered, down from 120 pitches per day, to 105.
    • Required rest days:  1-30 pitches (0 days), 31-45 pitches (1 day), 46-60 pitches (2 days), 61-80 pitches (3 days), 81+ pitches (4 days)
    • Pitchers may only make two appearances in any three consecutive days.
  • Nineteen year old players (super-seniors) MUST play for their previous Legion team (if applicable) or the team closest to their home.

Registration for both spring and summer programs will begin on January 1, 2018.

More information on this will be posted in the coming weeks.

A little reorganization going on in the above menus - pardon the clutter!

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